Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Bitter Rivals: Day 1


Sorry for the month long lull in blogging but as I stated in my older posts, I wasn't playing the game. I really want to come back when the Choppa is released and that means taking part in the Bitter Rivals event.

So, i've dusted off my rank 17 Shaman and thrown myself into the fray once again.

Here's a quick guide on todays tasks for anyone who is just logging in..

The first two tasks are pretty self explanitory but I was running round like a headless chicken in the first scenario looking for pies, while trying to heal a zerg. Not a good combo if you actually want to win the scenario :P

The pies are located on the floor of the top tier of the tower. The flash and look very tasty. Pies away boys!

The second task is a quest given by an Ork at the respawn point in the Twisted Tower Scenario. He looks like this ...

If you don't see him at first it's because he is loading in, just wait a few seconds. Im pretty sure you have to cap the two points in the tower (as opposed to just scouting them) to complete the quest. Hand it in for the unlock when you come back to the scenario for a second time.

After you complete those two tasks you can go back to the IC and collect your Influence reward! W00t! You get a cool title "Stuntie Stompa/Smasha". Shame it's BoP andI can't give it to my Choppa. :(

Another point of note as illustrated by Mr Werit @ (Shameless WCPI plug there) is that you can loot map fragments that send you off on a quest chain. Whether or not this quest is required to be completed for a daily quest in the future as part of the Bitter Rivals event remains to be seen.. But i'm collecting them now non-the-less.

There are also rumours of Choppa and Slayer NPC's floating round the RVR lakes dropping map fragments, and also dropping from phase 3 PQ bosses.

One last funny mention is that at varios times during the scenario I was transformed into crazy things. Here is me in various funny forms.. I thought it was a bug at first and I was freaking out.. But then everyone turned into polar bears and I laughed out loud.

Enjoy! More tomorrow..


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  1. Very nice mate, thanks for the info. You made my life a little more easyer ;).


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