Thursday, 5 March 2009

Bitter Rivals Day 2

Hello again and welcome to another day of progress towards my ultimate destiny of Chopping Order players into tiny little pieces. I just can't wait! The Orks will be everywhere choppin' and bashin' and punting gobbos ;)

Ok the two tasks today are even easier that the tasks that we were presented with yesterday.

Here's the new tome entrys.

Task one is basically a glorified fetch quest. But it's quite interesting if you have never visited the Destruction Racial leaders before. In our case we have to visit Grumlok and Gazbag and accept a task from Grumlok. You can find him here..

Now that's the biggest and craftiest Ork/Gobbo combo burger i've ever seen in my life! It was great to finally see these two as i'd never ventured in to the Eternal Citadel before (because it was locked when I last played). But, I kind of felt sad that the Orks don't have a capital of their own. :( I guess with the current state of endgame and city sieges being a bit 'up in the air' at the moment, introducing two new racial capitols is not a very good idea.

Right now I just can't see how it would work... Mythic need to get some realm pride mechanic al la 'relics' going so we can really become bitter rivals and start wanting to beat the snot out of each other and feel a sense of accomplishment and reward.

But.. I digress :P

Once you have found these two, choose the quest from them about the twisted tower scenario.., not the one about killing a keep lord... Grumlok will send you to speak to another orc in the south of the city, in the red zone on your map.

Once you have spoken to the Ork, queue for the new scenario.

Once inside all you have to do is complete the scenario.. you will get the second unlock 'soar 50 leagues' by launching yourself from a platform to either the low or high tier. You can get the second unlock by returning to the ork that gave you the quest to complete the scenario.

Your reward for these epic endeavours is a FREAKING TROLL that you can summon to go splat people with. I think it can be used in a siege to throw rocks at stunties. This is amazing. Shame it only has 5 charges waaaa. Mythic should think about giving this as a permanent Destructo siege weapon!

Thats 4 unlocks now out of 10! I'm pleased that each unlock is short and sweet because I don't get much time to play due to other life stuff (RL ftw?), but I can't help like feeling that the only reason i'm logging in is to complete these tasks then log out again. I have no interest in playing any class other than my Choppa and as such what is the purpose of the live event. Is it to ease me back into the game? Well I'm rolling a toon again from level 1 so I don't think i'll need easing in.

But in the mean time I guess i'll just play with my new toy..

Ghaz's Final thought!

Hot off the presses! Find of the Century!!!

Thulf @ has found some AMAZING choppa backgrounds that I am currently rotating every day because I can't decide which one is the most orsm

If there is one thing that you do today and it's war related it must involve going over to stuntystomper and getting these treasures.

Ghaz signing off now ;) More Bitter Rivals tomorrow....

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