Thursday, 12 March 2009

Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop ChopChop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop

Before I start ramblin i'd like to say BIG PROPS to WA for featuring me on their main page. It's great to be part of the community and by featuring me my view counter has shot up to nearly 800. I hope you all like my blog.


Da Choppa is ere! Look at all da Choppa's! Dey been smushin and smashin and CHOPPIN' da stunties all day and all night! Da ORK's is back WAAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!! Duz wut I sez , or I'll smush yaz!


Well yes, the Choppa is here and i've been Chopping for an hour or so last night and for an hour or so this morning as RL issues prevent me from launching an all out WAAAGH on the general Stunty community.

My first port of call was to create Ghazghkull in all his green choppin glory! I know from the pix he looks evil and mean. I was very pleased to see that the new customization options I was presented with (WARPAINT anyone...?) alows for a startling variation of Choppa's. Loads of different patterns, colours, new faces and different tusk style and colours mean that the Green tide will be looking varied! Which is a great thing because no-one wants to play Rome Total Ork.

After creating my Choppa the second port of call was to quest and level up a bit.. It's a bit pointless going straight into scenarios as with one semi-useable ability it's not very enjoyable. As I know the starter zone for the greenskins pretty well it didn't take me long to get through the first few levels. I arrived at the first PQ to see the green tide waiting for me.

There are a few issues with the PQ's which are probably down to server load. The mobs would bug out and reset. They would also warp all over the place, or stand still and become unattackable. They wouldn't attack you though in this state so it wasn't really game breaking. Just a tad annoying when we had to wait for the giant to warp about or stutter before the PQ could progress. In the end though I noticed that the amount of loot dished out by the PQ was a lot more than was previously allocated. With one lucky Choppa getting some purplez.


Anyone who comes up with the best caption for the above picture will recieve a special mention in my blog next week.

Anyways.. I was rank 4, and I had gained my first Super Smash Chop Waaagh ability which was aptly entitled I set about finding a nice place to try this ability out.. and boy did I try it out!

These Stunties felt the Wrath of Ghazghkull and his lots a Choppin! I chopped my way through about one hundred of these Stunties and tooks all der Beardz, hur hur hur.

Well to be truthful I had some more Choppa's helping me out on this PQ and while it was easy to chop our way through the normal Stunty tide, we had to regroup to tackle the hero mobs as there was a distinct lack of tanks. Big thanks to the few people who decided to roll healer alts in our green hour of need!


After the bloody carnage that had ensued, i'd reached the dizzy heights of Rank 5! Time for some scenario's. I mostly played the gates of Ekrund as (unsurprisingly) it was the scenario that popped the most. I still mostly had my starter gear but I had a new weapon and some boots from PQ's. I wasn't topping the damage charts but I was enjoying myself.

Some observations.. (of a lowly Ork)
  • Choppa's do better with mates.. Bring lots of mates with you, preferably green ones. When the green tide rolls it's very hard to stop. I noticed that when it was pure zerg vs zerg (Slayer vs Choppa) we would roll out the victor. but when it was 1 vs 1 or small groups the slayers would roll us faster than you can say buzz cut.

  • You die a lot! - But you know what.. I don't care if I die if I manage to take a 1:1 ratio. If I down a healer even better because I know da boyz are going to roll up behind me. Sometimes (especially in RVR) it takes just one or two players to bum rush the line and die to get the entire zerg rolling in the right direction.

  • You just don't have time to use all your abilities in a scenario. Took you time to apply your toughness debuff, Dot and snare? Well the slayer that was pounding you didn't, and neither did his mates.. Too bad GG.. your dead.
  • None of this will probably be relevant in T4.
  • I was slowly plodding thorough scenarios scoring a grand total of 'meh' on the leaderboard when I happened to loot a shiny new axe...

At first I shunned this axe thinking "Wot! I needz me tooo Choppaz! Only Stunties ave' huge axes!" but I thought i'd give it a whirl.

Best.... thing..... evar!

The animation when using lotsa Choppin' and using a 2 handed axe is the best thing I have ever seen in any MMO evar! I mean this. I was filled with utter glee when I was swinging that axe around smushing stunties left and right with my AMAWDZ evil DPS of BigLopper DOOM. I would usually grace you with a few pictures of me wading into stunties.. but I was so caught up in the moment and my pants were full of pee that I forgot to press the print screen button. Everytime I would die i'd think to myself.. Damn! I forgot to get screenies... and every time I waded in again I completely forgot. I was caught up in the WAAAAGGGHH!

One Major gripe I do have with the ability though, is that the bloke in Mythic's sound department must have been on the wacky backy when he decided that the accompanying sound effect for chopping people with a large Sharp implement is an electric shock noise. I mean.... WTF?? Mythic.. I guess you pay this person a large sum of money and his only requirement is to go and create sounds for abilities that fit them. Well, I guess a fine is in order.. because this is really annoying.

But as my time came to a close and I had to go get ready for work, I was left with a great feeling. Minor gripe aside I think that i'm going to have fun with the class. By the time I get to endgame (being a casual and all..) they will have hopefully looked into City sieges and CC and such like..., the likes of which I read about in other blogs which have caused a general irk' in the playerbase. This patch has infused the bleeding community with a green and orange band aid and hopefully it will cortorize the wound ^^.

My final thought for this week is.. If you liked my blog in any way shape or form... or you dislike my blog.. If you hate my spelling mistakes and grammar!!! (I'm an Ork) Please leave me a comment to tell me. As comments (good and bad) inspire me to improve or to write more.



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  1. Huzzah! A fellow 2handed-user (it is the best animation). I felt like Lotsa Choppin' made more of an extended Woosh noise that really starts to grate on the ears if you spam it.
    Caption entry: No wonder the squig herder got the lead role in "Part of This Waaagh". His only competition was orks and squigs.
    Also: sweet a shout-out

  2. w00t a comment!

    Yea the lotsa choppin noise is totally of the mark IMO.

    First caption entry and possible winner :P I'll try and put the word about to get more entries ^^


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