Friday, 6 March 2009

Bitter Rivals Day 3

Another day , another 2 tasks.. or so I thought :0

To my astonishment upon logging in, all the Bitter Rivals tasks had been revealed! They are all pretty self explanitory but there are a few points i'd like to mention...

  • Killing players in scenarios doesnt count towards the ORVR count

  • Killing 25 Dwarves or Greenskins only applies to NPC's, I simply went back to a Chapter 1 pq and killed 25 dwarves. Any will do.
  • There is a new quest in the Twisted tower, which requires you to kill enemy players. it is picked up inside the scenario at your spawn point.

  • Completing any 3 stages of any PQ in any tier will count towards the pq unlock.

  • Macro the swearing for easy use in fights.

For those of you that dont know how to macro, there is a tab in the esc menu labelled Macros. go in and set up something similar to this...

Then drag the macro onto your hotbar.

A few points about this unlock..

  • Spamming the macro will invoke WAR's anti spam filter and your attempt to swear will not register for the unlock. You will get an error message instead.

  • Sometimes I found that even though I swore at a class I had not yet swore at. I did not recieve the unlock. I found this was rectified by getting closer, and standing still when i hit the macro.

As for collecting the weapons of the fallen, I didn't manage to get one point towards this unlock. I assume you get one when you win a loot roll from an ORVR kill. As I didn't win any rolls I didn't get any points.

Edit: DancingMidget over at WA has outlined a possible way to complete this task..

"Looking back at least for Destro there are random glowing dwarves with axes in their backs in the RVR lakes. I clicked on it and it gave me a weapon. Either way i was in a warband killing the droves of slayers that were coming out of the order camp in Caledor. I didnt pick anything up and I completed it. So I am not 100% sure on this one."

But it appears that you don't have to complete all the tasks to get the final reward. Which is good because i'm not bothered about going for the title as i'm not going to be playing my shaman in the future. Return to the IC and find this Orc for your rewards..

And that's me all set up for the unlock of the Choppa next week!

See you on the battlefield!!!


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