Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Who is Da Boss...?

Ello' and Waaaaagh to everyone who rumbles in to read my Orky blog every once in a while.

This week I was asked a very pertinent question by MadDok on the Warhammer Alliance forums..

Who The snot is Ghazghkull anayway? (Or words to that effect).

Normally to ask such a question would cause me to insert a large ork sized boot into the face of any snotling who dared ask such a question.. But as you remind me of "Mad Doc Grotsnik", i'm feeling belevolent enough to cut you a break and only snap both your arms and le..., er I mean let you share in and bask in the green Morky-ness that is the legend Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thrakka. He is in fact a 40k legend so there is an element of Sci Fi to his background but I dig him so much that I must bring him to the fantasy world too ^^.

In his younger days Ghazghkull began his life of violence as a young Ork in the mighty Goff clan, on the Ork world of Urk. During one of the many raid's on imperial positions Ghazghkull took a round to the head from a bolter. Usually enough to fell any normal Ork Ghazghkull continued on fighting and was later took to a notorious Ork Painboy by the name of "'Mad Doc' Grotsnik". Who using his orky wizardry swapped out half of Ghazghkull's brain for a new shiney adamantium bionic one.

Shortly after the operation, Ghazghkull claimed he was in direct contact with the Ork gods Gork and Mork. Under their instruction he rose through the Ork ranks with alarming speed. never before had a simple Ork boy rose to power so quickly. It wasn't known if this rise to power was triggered by the implant granting him psychic gifts or if Ghazghkull was actually just dillusional and so bloodthirsty that as a result, Ork's would follow him anywhere lookin' for a good scrap.

Ghazghkull also possessed something else other Orks lacked... Vision. He granted the Orks a sense of unity and purpose, rallying them around him with speeches of how the Orks would conquer the galaxy.

As Ghazghkull reached the height of his power on Urk, the planets star began to show signs that it was about to go supernova. The new Warboss took this as a sign that it was time to launch his mighty waaagh upon the galaxy. A Waaagh which the galaxy had never seen the likes of before. The choice for all the Orks in that sector was follow Ghazghkull into battle, or die when the star went supernova.

The first world in the path of the mighty Warboss was the imperial world of Armageddon....

I'll continue on about Ghazghkull's exploits each week as I write more blogs. At the moment i'm waiting for some more podcast's on Choppa info or information about abilities. I Haven't been able to dig any new info up.. but as soon as they release some news I'll post my thoughts.


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