Thursday, 29 January 2009

GOA announcement that Ghaz has been waiting for!


The announcement that Ghaz has been waiting for has (sort of) arrived. The Orc Choppa class is going to be introduced into the game during the month of March! The little part of me that was expecting instant gratification on the 29th has gone "meh!", but I knew deep down that it was just going to be announcement time.

You can check out this MAJOR announcement over at Eurogamer. Big props to them for gobbling up that news. (

I would like to know where the official GOA announcement is? Have they posted it anywhere? If anyone knows could you please help an orc out and throw me some linkage? Cheers! Oh, and BTW.... another stupid DORF class with ginger hair has been announced too, but I doubt anyone in their right mind will want to populate the Dwarves anymore.

I mean Dwarf secks ew?

Both classes will be the last of the two mirror classes to be introduced to the game and Eurogamers description of them has me salivating. "Berserk, up-close brawlers with little regard for their own safety." WAR will never be the same again! When can I get my hands on them! When Mythic?!! When??

Well apparently we have to complete an event a la Heavy Metal in order to get our grubby little hands on the new classes. I can't wait to hear more about this as I didn't actually partake in the Heavy Metal event. As my highest ranked character is only a mere rank 18, will that mean I wont be able to partake in the slaughter? Or are all ranks welcome? Maybe someone could enlighten me! ^^

A new RVR chaos themed scenario/zone is being introduced as well! Hopefully the event will involve flailing into this zone and busting some heads with large choppa shaped instruments. but we can only hope

The other big feature of the announcement is the news of the introduction of an entirely new zone! Featuring one of my favourite Warhammer armies the Tomb Kings! Apparently it's a throw back to the old days of Camelot and may share some similarities to a dungeon in Mythic's previous title, which I never actually dabbled in. But for all you fans of DAOC, I hope Mythic breathe some new life into the dungeon port and not just rehash old content. I have faith!

For those of you who are not privy to our Epidermisly challenged cousins from the lands of the south. I'll let the good old chaps at Games Workshop fill you in...

The armies of the Tomb Kings hail from the desert lands far south of the Empire of the Old World. Reanimated by the undying Liche Priests, the skeletal warriors of the Tomb Kings march forth to reclaim the lands they once defended in life and to exact vengeance from those who have wronged them in the past.

Long before the Old World was civilized, an ancient civilization known as Nehekhara came to power. The land was divided into city-states, each ruled by its own King and defended by its own army. Over the centuries, the power-hungry Kings, frustrated by their short mortal lifespans, sought ways to prolong their lives.

Although true immortality eluded them, the rulers of Nehekhara came to believe that if they preserved their bodies after death, powerful magic could one day revive them and they could return to power. Elaborate tombs and pyramids were constructed to protect the remains of these dead monarchs and to house the many treasures and warriors that were buried with the Kings to serve them when they were reborn.

The plans of the Nehekharan monarchs would one day be twisted by an ambitious Priest-King of Nehekhara known as Nagash. Nagash raised an army of long-dead warriors to expand his lands and increase his power. It was the first time the dead were ever made to walk. Although Nagash’s mighty army was eventually defeated by a coalition of other Nehekharan kings, the mighty priest escaped to plot his revenge. Nagash released a powerful magic spell that turned the civilization of Nehekhara into a dead land. To this day, the land once known as Nehekhara is a barren, sun-blasted desert where only the dead stir.

There was one unforeseen result of Nagash’s great spell. The magics he had unleashed animated the Kings in their tombs and pyramids. The vast armies that had been buried with these rulers came to life once again, ready to defend their King in undeath. However, the Tomb Kings and their armies were not reborn as flesh and blood as they had expected. Instead, they were returned to life as skeletal, mummified parodies of men.

The Tomb Kings and Princes, assisted by the magically adept Liche Priests, lead a variety of troops into battle. Skeletal infantry, cavalry, and charioteers constitute the bulk of the Tomb King forces. More specialized forces include Tomb Swarms of undead scarab beetles, the enormous living statues known as Ushabti, great undead birds called Carrion, giant Tomb Scorpions, catapults that can hurl skulls at the enemy, and the terrifying and destructive Bone Giants. The Tomb Kings are a relentless, magically potent army that is resplendent on the field of battle.

Make sure to tune into Voon tonight at 7pm EST (12amGMT) for the DEV chat regarding this announcement.

Ghaz ^^


  1. so yea, in case you were still wondering, if the slayer/choppa (CHOPPAAAA!) event is anything like heavy metal, it will be split across the 4 tiers, so you can do it


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