Thursday, 19 March 2009


RL issues and such like are preventing me from playing the game. I'm getting married soon and also my band is very busy so I guess gaming must go to the bottom of the pile.

I'll try to WCPI but atm time is very short :(

Have fun see you soon


Thursday, 12 March 2009

Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop ChopChop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop

Before I start ramblin i'd like to say BIG PROPS to WA for featuring me on their main page. It's great to be part of the community and by featuring me my view counter has shot up to nearly 800. I hope you all like my blog.


Da Choppa is ere! Look at all da Choppa's! Dey been smushin and smashin and CHOPPIN' da stunties all day and all night! Da ORK's is back WAAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!! Duz wut I sez , or I'll smush yaz!


Well yes, the Choppa is here and i've been Chopping for an hour or so last night and for an hour or so this morning as RL issues prevent me from launching an all out WAAAGH on the general Stunty community.

My first port of call was to create Ghazghkull in all his green choppin glory! I know from the pix he looks evil and mean. I was very pleased to see that the new customization options I was presented with (WARPAINT anyone...?) alows for a startling variation of Choppa's. Loads of different patterns, colours, new faces and different tusk style and colours mean that the Green tide will be looking varied! Which is a great thing because no-one wants to play Rome Total Ork.

After creating my Choppa the second port of call was to quest and level up a bit.. It's a bit pointless going straight into scenarios as with one semi-useable ability it's not very enjoyable. As I know the starter zone for the greenskins pretty well it didn't take me long to get through the first few levels. I arrived at the first PQ to see the green tide waiting for me.

There are a few issues with the PQ's which are probably down to server load. The mobs would bug out and reset. They would also warp all over the place, or stand still and become unattackable. They wouldn't attack you though in this state so it wasn't really game breaking. Just a tad annoying when we had to wait for the giant to warp about or stutter before the PQ could progress. In the end though I noticed that the amount of loot dished out by the PQ was a lot more than was previously allocated. With one lucky Choppa getting some purplez.


Anyone who comes up with the best caption for the above picture will recieve a special mention in my blog next week.

Anyways.. I was rank 4, and I had gained my first Super Smash Chop Waaagh ability which was aptly entitled I set about finding a nice place to try this ability out.. and boy did I try it out!

These Stunties felt the Wrath of Ghazghkull and his lots a Choppin! I chopped my way through about one hundred of these Stunties and tooks all der Beardz, hur hur hur.

Well to be truthful I had some more Choppa's helping me out on this PQ and while it was easy to chop our way through the normal Stunty tide, we had to regroup to tackle the hero mobs as there was a distinct lack of tanks. Big thanks to the few people who decided to roll healer alts in our green hour of need!


After the bloody carnage that had ensued, i'd reached the dizzy heights of Rank 5! Time for some scenario's. I mostly played the gates of Ekrund as (unsurprisingly) it was the scenario that popped the most. I still mostly had my starter gear but I had a new weapon and some boots from PQ's. I wasn't topping the damage charts but I was enjoying myself.

Some observations.. (of a lowly Ork)
  • Choppa's do better with mates.. Bring lots of mates with you, preferably green ones. When the green tide rolls it's very hard to stop. I noticed that when it was pure zerg vs zerg (Slayer vs Choppa) we would roll out the victor. but when it was 1 vs 1 or small groups the slayers would roll us faster than you can say buzz cut.

  • You die a lot! - But you know what.. I don't care if I die if I manage to take a 1:1 ratio. If I down a healer even better because I know da boyz are going to roll up behind me. Sometimes (especially in RVR) it takes just one or two players to bum rush the line and die to get the entire zerg rolling in the right direction.

  • You just don't have time to use all your abilities in a scenario. Took you time to apply your toughness debuff, Dot and snare? Well the slayer that was pounding you didn't, and neither did his mates.. Too bad GG.. your dead.
  • None of this will probably be relevant in T4.
  • I was slowly plodding thorough scenarios scoring a grand total of 'meh' on the leaderboard when I happened to loot a shiny new axe...

At first I shunned this axe thinking "Wot! I needz me tooo Choppaz! Only Stunties ave' huge axes!" but I thought i'd give it a whirl.

Best.... thing..... evar!

The animation when using lotsa Choppin' and using a 2 handed axe is the best thing I have ever seen in any MMO evar! I mean this. I was filled with utter glee when I was swinging that axe around smushing stunties left and right with my AMAWDZ evil DPS of BigLopper DOOM. I would usually grace you with a few pictures of me wading into stunties.. but I was so caught up in the moment and my pants were full of pee that I forgot to press the print screen button. Everytime I would die i'd think to myself.. Damn! I forgot to get screenies... and every time I waded in again I completely forgot. I was caught up in the WAAAAGGGHH!

One Major gripe I do have with the ability though, is that the bloke in Mythic's sound department must have been on the wacky backy when he decided that the accompanying sound effect for chopping people with a large Sharp implement is an electric shock noise. I mean.... WTF?? Mythic.. I guess you pay this person a large sum of money and his only requirement is to go and create sounds for abilities that fit them. Well, I guess a fine is in order.. because this is really annoying.

But as my time came to a close and I had to go get ready for work, I was left with a great feeling. Minor gripe aside I think that i'm going to have fun with the class. By the time I get to endgame (being a casual and all..) they will have hopefully looked into City sieges and CC and such like..., the likes of which I read about in other blogs which have caused a general irk' in the playerbase. This patch has infused the bleeding community with a green and orange band aid and hopefully it will cortorize the wound ^^.

My final thought for this week is.. If you liked my blog in any way shape or form... or you dislike my blog.. If you hate my spelling mistakes and grammar!!! (I'm an Ork) Please leave me a comment to tell me. As comments (good and bad) inspire me to improve or to write more.



This week on channel Promo..

  • Big props to for getting 100 subscribers to her blog. Theres been nothing but positive feedback about the blog on WA and I have been a long time lurker. Her writing is "well written, clear and concise". (Unlike my Orky Ramblings :P)
  • poses the question.. "To Slay or not to Slay!".. Thoughts on the flip side. Why playing one of those Ginger Mohawked Stunties is fun. (ps: Green is best mate!)
  • Let's you know that if you are thinking of rolling a Choppa, DO IT... NOW!
  • Gives his thoughts on why he was a tad disapointed in the Live event.
  • And my pick of the bunch for this week.. My fave blog at the moment.. gives us a run down of zone control. You win the prize.. you may pass go and collect 200 quid.. please do not go to jail.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Bitter Rivals Day 3

Another day , another 2 tasks.. or so I thought :0

To my astonishment upon logging in, all the Bitter Rivals tasks had been revealed! They are all pretty self explanitory but there are a few points i'd like to mention...

  • Killing players in scenarios doesnt count towards the ORVR count

  • Killing 25 Dwarves or Greenskins only applies to NPC's, I simply went back to a Chapter 1 pq and killed 25 dwarves. Any will do.
  • There is a new quest in the Twisted tower, which requires you to kill enemy players. it is picked up inside the scenario at your spawn point.

  • Completing any 3 stages of any PQ in any tier will count towards the pq unlock.

  • Macro the swearing for easy use in fights.

For those of you that dont know how to macro, there is a tab in the esc menu labelled Macros. go in and set up something similar to this...

Then drag the macro onto your hotbar.

A few points about this unlock..

  • Spamming the macro will invoke WAR's anti spam filter and your attempt to swear will not register for the unlock. You will get an error message instead.

  • Sometimes I found that even though I swore at a class I had not yet swore at. I did not recieve the unlock. I found this was rectified by getting closer, and standing still when i hit the macro.

As for collecting the weapons of the fallen, I didn't manage to get one point towards this unlock. I assume you get one when you win a loot roll from an ORVR kill. As I didn't win any rolls I didn't get any points.

Edit: DancingMidget over at WA has outlined a possible way to complete this task..

"Looking back at least for Destro there are random glowing dwarves with axes in their backs in the RVR lakes. I clicked on it and it gave me a weapon. Either way i was in a warband killing the droves of slayers that were coming out of the order camp in Caledor. I didnt pick anything up and I completed it. So I am not 100% sure on this one."

But it appears that you don't have to complete all the tasks to get the final reward. Which is good because i'm not bothered about going for the title as i'm not going to be playing my shaman in the future. Return to the IC and find this Orc for your rewards..

And that's me all set up for the unlock of the Choppa next week!

See you on the battlefield!!!


Thursday, 5 March 2009

Bitter Rivals Day 2

Hello again and welcome to another day of progress towards my ultimate destiny of Chopping Order players into tiny little pieces. I just can't wait! The Orks will be everywhere choppin' and bashin' and punting gobbos ;)

Ok the two tasks today are even easier that the tasks that we were presented with yesterday.

Here's the new tome entrys.

Task one is basically a glorified fetch quest. But it's quite interesting if you have never visited the Destruction Racial leaders before. In our case we have to visit Grumlok and Gazbag and accept a task from Grumlok. You can find him here..

Now that's the biggest and craftiest Ork/Gobbo combo burger i've ever seen in my life! It was great to finally see these two as i'd never ventured in to the Eternal Citadel before (because it was locked when I last played). But, I kind of felt sad that the Orks don't have a capital of their own. :( I guess with the current state of endgame and city sieges being a bit 'up in the air' at the moment, introducing two new racial capitols is not a very good idea.

Right now I just can't see how it would work... Mythic need to get some realm pride mechanic al la 'relics' going so we can really become bitter rivals and start wanting to beat the snot out of each other and feel a sense of accomplishment and reward.

But.. I digress :P

Once you have found these two, choose the quest from them about the twisted tower scenario.., not the one about killing a keep lord... Grumlok will send you to speak to another orc in the south of the city, in the red zone on your map.

Once you have spoken to the Ork, queue for the new scenario.

Once inside all you have to do is complete the scenario.. you will get the second unlock 'soar 50 leagues' by launching yourself from a platform to either the low or high tier. You can get the second unlock by returning to the ork that gave you the quest to complete the scenario.

Your reward for these epic endeavours is a FREAKING TROLL that you can summon to go splat people with. I think it can be used in a siege to throw rocks at stunties. This is amazing. Shame it only has 5 charges waaaa. Mythic should think about giving this as a permanent Destructo siege weapon!

Thats 4 unlocks now out of 10! I'm pleased that each unlock is short and sweet because I don't get much time to play due to other life stuff (RL ftw?), but I can't help like feeling that the only reason i'm logging in is to complete these tasks then log out again. I have no interest in playing any class other than my Choppa and as such what is the purpose of the live event. Is it to ease me back into the game? Well I'm rolling a toon again from level 1 so I don't think i'll need easing in.

But in the mean time I guess i'll just play with my new toy..

Ghaz's Final thought!

Hot off the presses! Find of the Century!!!

Thulf @ has found some AMAZING choppa backgrounds that I am currently rotating every day because I can't decide which one is the most orsm

If there is one thing that you do today and it's war related it must involve going over to stuntystomper and getting these treasures.

Ghaz signing off now ;) More Bitter Rivals tomorrow....

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Bitter Rivals: Day 1


Sorry for the month long lull in blogging but as I stated in my older posts, I wasn't playing the game. I really want to come back when the Choppa is released and that means taking part in the Bitter Rivals event.

So, i've dusted off my rank 17 Shaman and thrown myself into the fray once again.

Here's a quick guide on todays tasks for anyone who is just logging in..

The first two tasks are pretty self explanitory but I was running round like a headless chicken in the first scenario looking for pies, while trying to heal a zerg. Not a good combo if you actually want to win the scenario :P

The pies are located on the floor of the top tier of the tower. The flash and look very tasty. Pies away boys!

The second task is a quest given by an Ork at the respawn point in the Twisted Tower Scenario. He looks like this ...

If you don't see him at first it's because he is loading in, just wait a few seconds. Im pretty sure you have to cap the two points in the tower (as opposed to just scouting them) to complete the quest. Hand it in for the unlock when you come back to the scenario for a second time.

After you complete those two tasks you can go back to the IC and collect your Influence reward! W00t! You get a cool title "Stuntie Stompa/Smasha". Shame it's BoP andI can't give it to my Choppa. :(

Another point of note as illustrated by Mr Werit @ (Shameless WCPI plug there) is that you can loot map fragments that send you off on a quest chain. Whether or not this quest is required to be completed for a daily quest in the future as part of the Bitter Rivals event remains to be seen.. But i'm collecting them now non-the-less.

There are also rumours of Choppa and Slayer NPC's floating round the RVR lakes dropping map fragments, and also dropping from phase 3 PQ bosses.

One last funny mention is that at varios times during the scenario I was transformed into crazy things. Here is me in various funny forms.. I thought it was a bug at first and I was freaking out.. But then everyone turned into polar bears and I laughed out loud.

Enjoy! More tomorrow..


Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Who is Da Boss...?

Ello' and Waaaaagh to everyone who rumbles in to read my Orky blog every once in a while.

This week I was asked a very pertinent question by MadDok on the Warhammer Alliance forums..

Who The snot is Ghazghkull anayway? (Or words to that effect).

Normally to ask such a question would cause me to insert a large ork sized boot into the face of any snotling who dared ask such a question.. But as you remind me of "Mad Doc Grotsnik", i'm feeling belevolent enough to cut you a break and only snap both your arms and le..., er I mean let you share in and bask in the green Morky-ness that is the legend Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thrakka. He is in fact a 40k legend so there is an element of Sci Fi to his background but I dig him so much that I must bring him to the fantasy world too ^^.

In his younger days Ghazghkull began his life of violence as a young Ork in the mighty Goff clan, on the Ork world of Urk. During one of the many raid's on imperial positions Ghazghkull took a round to the head from a bolter. Usually enough to fell any normal Ork Ghazghkull continued on fighting and was later took to a notorious Ork Painboy by the name of "'Mad Doc' Grotsnik". Who using his orky wizardry swapped out half of Ghazghkull's brain for a new shiney adamantium bionic one.

Shortly after the operation, Ghazghkull claimed he was in direct contact with the Ork gods Gork and Mork. Under their instruction he rose through the Ork ranks with alarming speed. never before had a simple Ork boy rose to power so quickly. It wasn't known if this rise to power was triggered by the implant granting him psychic gifts or if Ghazghkull was actually just dillusional and so bloodthirsty that as a result, Ork's would follow him anywhere lookin' for a good scrap.

Ghazghkull also possessed something else other Orks lacked... Vision. He granted the Orks a sense of unity and purpose, rallying them around him with speeches of how the Orks would conquer the galaxy.

As Ghazghkull reached the height of his power on Urk, the planets star began to show signs that it was about to go supernova. The new Warboss took this as a sign that it was time to launch his mighty waaagh upon the galaxy. A Waaagh which the galaxy had never seen the likes of before. The choice for all the Orks in that sector was follow Ghazghkull into battle, or die when the star went supernova.

The first world in the path of the mighty Warboss was the imperial world of Armageddon....

I'll continue on about Ghazghkull's exploits each week as I write more blogs. At the moment i'm waiting for some more podcast's on Choppa info or information about abilities. I Haven't been able to dig any new info up.. but as soon as they release some news I'll post my thoughts.


Thursday, 29 January 2009

GOA announcement that Ghaz has been waiting for!


The announcement that Ghaz has been waiting for has (sort of) arrived. The Orc Choppa class is going to be introduced into the game during the month of March! The little part of me that was expecting instant gratification on the 29th has gone "meh!", but I knew deep down that it was just going to be announcement time.

You can check out this MAJOR announcement over at Eurogamer. Big props to them for gobbling up that news. (

I would like to know where the official GOA announcement is? Have they posted it anywhere? If anyone knows could you please help an orc out and throw me some linkage? Cheers! Oh, and BTW.... another stupid DORF class with ginger hair has been announced too, but I doubt anyone in their right mind will want to populate the Dwarves anymore.

I mean Dwarf secks ew?

Both classes will be the last of the two mirror classes to be introduced to the game and Eurogamers description of them has me salivating. "Berserk, up-close brawlers with little regard for their own safety." WAR will never be the same again! When can I get my hands on them! When Mythic?!! When??

Well apparently we have to complete an event a la Heavy Metal in order to get our grubby little hands on the new classes. I can't wait to hear more about this as I didn't actually partake in the Heavy Metal event. As my highest ranked character is only a mere rank 18, will that mean I wont be able to partake in the slaughter? Or are all ranks welcome? Maybe someone could enlighten me! ^^

A new RVR chaos themed scenario/zone is being introduced as well! Hopefully the event will involve flailing into this zone and busting some heads with large choppa shaped instruments. but we can only hope

The other big feature of the announcement is the news of the introduction of an entirely new zone! Featuring one of my favourite Warhammer armies the Tomb Kings! Apparently it's a throw back to the old days of Camelot and may share some similarities to a dungeon in Mythic's previous title, which I never actually dabbled in. But for all you fans of DAOC, I hope Mythic breathe some new life into the dungeon port and not just rehash old content. I have faith!

For those of you who are not privy to our Epidermisly challenged cousins from the lands of the south. I'll let the good old chaps at Games Workshop fill you in...

The armies of the Tomb Kings hail from the desert lands far south of the Empire of the Old World. Reanimated by the undying Liche Priests, the skeletal warriors of the Tomb Kings march forth to reclaim the lands they once defended in life and to exact vengeance from those who have wronged them in the past.

Long before the Old World was civilized, an ancient civilization known as Nehekhara came to power. The land was divided into city-states, each ruled by its own King and defended by its own army. Over the centuries, the power-hungry Kings, frustrated by their short mortal lifespans, sought ways to prolong their lives.

Although true immortality eluded them, the rulers of Nehekhara came to believe that if they preserved their bodies after death, powerful magic could one day revive them and they could return to power. Elaborate tombs and pyramids were constructed to protect the remains of these dead monarchs and to house the many treasures and warriors that were buried with the Kings to serve them when they were reborn.

The plans of the Nehekharan monarchs would one day be twisted by an ambitious Priest-King of Nehekhara known as Nagash. Nagash raised an army of long-dead warriors to expand his lands and increase his power. It was the first time the dead were ever made to walk. Although Nagash’s mighty army was eventually defeated by a coalition of other Nehekharan kings, the mighty priest escaped to plot his revenge. Nagash released a powerful magic spell that turned the civilization of Nehekhara into a dead land. To this day, the land once known as Nehekhara is a barren, sun-blasted desert where only the dead stir.

There was one unforeseen result of Nagash’s great spell. The magics he had unleashed animated the Kings in their tombs and pyramids. The vast armies that had been buried with these rulers came to life once again, ready to defend their King in undeath. However, the Tomb Kings and their armies were not reborn as flesh and blood as they had expected. Instead, they were returned to life as skeletal, mummified parodies of men.

The Tomb Kings and Princes, assisted by the magically adept Liche Priests, lead a variety of troops into battle. Skeletal infantry, cavalry, and charioteers constitute the bulk of the Tomb King forces. More specialized forces include Tomb Swarms of undead scarab beetles, the enormous living statues known as Ushabti, great undead birds called Carrion, giant Tomb Scorpions, catapults that can hurl skulls at the enemy, and the terrifying and destructive Bone Giants. The Tomb Kings are a relentless, magically potent army that is resplendent on the field of battle.

Make sure to tune into Voon tonight at 7pm EST (12amGMT) for the DEV chat regarding this announcement.

Ghaz ^^